Friday, January 25, 2008

Quick training...fixing the squat position...

Had a chance to slip in the gym and fiddle with my squat position but instead of staying light I kept putting weight on the bar - I guess I'm consistent in that aspect.

Squat - 405 x 2, 455 x 2, 475 x 2, 495 x 2

495 was not perfect on depth but the bar felt good on my back and my stance was way closer than it was on Monday. I actually measured the two different squat racks and the one I was in on Monday is a good 4-6" wider than the one I was in today. The one I used today is the one I am in the most and have adapted my set up to that specific width the other rack allowed me to step out of my normal width. I also am discovering that I am mentally thinking the weight should be light so I am short changing my set up and pressurization. So instead of treating my light weights heavy so my heavy weights feel light - I am trying to treat my heavy weights light and that is not a great way to go about it.

Basically you are never done learning, improving and enhancing your form - which is why I get such a kick out of people saying they have "mastered" a movement or exercise. It just never happens.


Mark Reifkind said...

good thing to really tweak the set up; one thing though,its important not to get too fixated on one set of racks as the meet racks are rarely the same.

Franz Snideman said...! Nice Brett!

Brett Jones said...

Too true - I had let myself get grooved on one situation - now the focus will be far more on the specific steps etc...

Thanks Franz

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