Friday, July 31, 2009

At the Long Beach Perform Better Summit...

Had some time in the room this morning after getting in a bit late last night to get a small amount of training in - naked. Meaning no weights - not no clothes - get your minds out of the gutter ;-)
An extended session of Z, ASLR, Brettzel and some work on Half kneeling static stability drills which confirmed and revealed a right hip issue that I will be working on (the same issue you can see on the Secrets of the Knee and Hip DVD)  also worked on the Pump and some handstands.

Looking forward to presenting today for the Perform Better crowd!


Phil Scarito said...


Just curious to hear what Z-drills you are currently working on. I know these tend to be client specific. I just completed a workshop with Sara that was a huge success.


Paul Wade said...

..."Naked Training"...

There's a book title there for someone who has the balls. (No pun intended. I think.)

Brett Jones said...

a combo of some r phase foot drills and I phase lunge position work - depends on the day...

Coach - pun taken and appreciated!
with my travel schedule cranking up I am going to be getting some "cell time" in - will keep you posted

Paul Wade said...

Great news about your upcoming "cell time"! I've recently been consulting online with a guy John introduced me to, who was a Navy SEALS trainer. He just told me he loves his seminar schedule now--he's getting his best ever workouts in empty hotel rooms! Keep us all informed of your workouts, please. Your current workouts look awesome, Brett.

By the way, how's the toe now? Better I hope!


Brett Jones said...

Toe is great and I am feeling pretty good - will keep you posted.

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