Thursday, July 09, 2009

Getting caught up....

Tuesday: day off from training but I did golf 18 holes. ;-) 

Prep - ASLR, Brettzel, Z foot drills
Neupert Program Week 3 - Day 2

Today might be a day off but I'm not sure yet.  I purchased an old fashioned push mower for the yard and it is time to mow again and that turns into a decent "workout".  So we will see what the day brings.

The importance of the Deadlift
A proper Deadlift sets the stage for the proper KB Swing so it is an essential movement to have in your training.  I wrote an article on programming for the deadlift here - DL Programming
But it assumes that you have good form for taking on the programs provided so if you need help with that Secrets of Core Training - The Backside (as noted in the article) will help you with screening and corrections to get you in good position for the Deadlift.
A quick verbal cue that I have been using:
"In a squat the hips go down but in the Deadlift the hips go back."
I'll even emphasize this more by saying that the hips go back and up.
Too many people turn their DL into a squat and in that position your back ends up the fulcrum but if you sit the hips back (and "up") then your hips will be the fulcrum.
More to come on this....


davor said...

Thanks for writing this. It's just what I needed to read as I'm guilty as charged of attempting to alter the DNA of the deadlift.
I asked you recently about the best way to program 'Swings & Get Ups', but I'll have to take a step back now and ask: what's the best way to program Deadlifts & Get-Ups?
(Having viewed the Secrets and Kalos Stenos DVDs, I understand that both have to be approached in very safe progressions.)

Anonymous said...

I got there lots of helpful content and great information. Thanks a lot for your help.

Brett Jones said...

What did the Secrets of Core Training screening reveal - do you have an ASLR issue or something to work through the progressions on the video?
Follow that model and your DL will be dialed in very soon and should compliment what you are doing with Kalos Stenos.
Keep me posted

anonymous - thank you for the feedback

Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Hey Brett! I agree wholeheartedly on the deadlift! I just held an awesome workshop in Albemarle where we started with the deadlisfts. Also Brett two attendees asked spoecifically about CK-FMS, so the word is out strong! Take care B man! Betsy

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Betsy - Congrats on the workshop
Will be chatting with you soon


davor said...

Definitely have a ASLR issue, considering the malleolus doesn't pass the stick. They are pretty symmetrical though.

I guess I really need to find a training partner and just go through Secrets of the backside methodically. I was looking for an answer like deadlift monday&thursday, TGU tuesday&friday which is pretty much what Pavel suggests for beginners in ETKB. I understand the answer is never too simple.

I'll try following that model anyway, while going through all the assessments and correctionsm for each video, and progress through them in sequence. And I'll keep you posted.

Is it a crazy idea to practice pushups side-planks/planks and chinups on TGU day, or could they interfere with the scapula muscles the TGU is correcting?

Brett Jones said...

You could follow the ETK style template you have in your post there. Or you could pick one of the beginning programs in the article and use the TGU as your upper body drill (or one of them).

Not knowing your screening results, experience lifting is difficult to lay out a training cycle.

On the push-ups, side planks etc... it depends on your goals with those exercises but it shouldn't be an issue depending on volume and intensity.

davor said...

Ok thanks. I'll let you know how I get on over the next few weeks of training

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