Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hard to believe but...

I more than likely have Gout.  An accumulation of Uric Acid crystals in the joints (most commonly the distal joint of the big toe) - here is an overview from WebMd:

So a little indomethacin for a few days and I should be right as rain.  Already woke up yesterday feeling much better but followed through on the Dr. visit.

I have no family history and I don't feel that i have many if any of the dietary risk factors so this (in my mind) goes to show that sometimes you just don't know what can or will happen to you.
But you gotta roll with it!

So I will ease back into some get-ups and mobility work the remainder of this week and then start the neupert program next week.  The issue with that is that I am getting ready to start a pretty difficult travel time:
July 24-26 - FMS in Ohio
July 31- August 2 - Perform Better Summit in Long Beach, CA
August 8 - August 15 Personal Vacation
August 21-25 - Filming in Danville, VA
August 27-31 - RKC San Diego
Sept. 10-11 - FMS - Washington, DC
Sept. 16-20 - Advanced Corrective Exercise workshop in Amsterdam
Sept. 26 - HKC in Minneapolis - our new One day KB certification 
Oct. 3-4 - Advanced Corrective Exercise workshop here in the US (should be NJ - details when available)
Oct. 9-11 - RKC Philly (first East Coast RKC!)
Oct. 16-18 - Closed workshop
Oct. 23-24 - FMS Hungary and Possibly one other workshop (KB oriented) 
Nov. 4-6 - Personal Continuing education and Possibly a KB workshop in Raleigh, NC
Nov. 13-15 - FMS Canada
Nov. 17-22 - Closed workshop 
Early Dec. I have another closed workshop

How's that for a travel schedule?
Fun - Fun - Fun...

So it will be interesting to see how the travel impacts my ability to stay on a program.


Gary Berenbroick, RKC II said...

Good luck with that Brett. It's frustrating to have a condition that you can't really do much about. It's even more frustrating when the stuff they suggest may help are things you are already doing (i.e. eat well and exercise).

Brett Jones said...

A little frustrating but this is the first time so we will if it even turns out to be an issue in the long run.


Boris T said...

Good luck in dealing with the problem. As Gary said things like this could be frustrating.

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