Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How do you know IF you should train???

I did get the third day of the third week of the Neupert program in on Saturday but something has popped up since then that has put a little halt to my training and brought the question above to the front of my mind...

Sunday night my Right big toe was a little sore but no big deal but by mid day on Monday it was a big deal - very painful and swollen and warm to the touch and a very altered gait.  
Even worse this morning so I am off to the Dr. tomorrow to get checked - will report the findings.

So now to the question - 
How do you know IF you should train?
I could go ahead and swing and "workout" because I can stand in one place - HOWEVER - I tested my Straight leg raise and my Rolling Patterns and they are altered from what is normal for me.
Meaning it is a VERY poor idea for me to train today!

This is just one of the benefits of the FMS and having a consistent repeatable assessment.  I could have convinced myself that it was ok for me to train but the screens don't lie!

So how do you know if you should train on a given day?

Also- the next question that should pop into your head if you have an ache or pain is - how is it affecting you?  How would you know?  How would you know if it is resolved and that it is ok to go back to training?


Anonymous said...

Hope all went well with the foot evaluation. Started the Rite of Passage with my 30lb bell. Was able to do 5 ladders and 5 rungs in the clean and press.

I will start TGU with my 50lb bell tomorrow.

Lou M.

Brett Jones said...

Sounds good - let me know how the snatches go with the 30# and how the TGU goes with the 50#.


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