Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swing Ladder...

Prep work - ASLR , Brettzel and a little Z
32 kg Get-up 1+1 -Arm Bar to leg raise to full get-up
32 kg Get-up 2+2 - full get-up
Swing ladder -
24kg x 10 reps Right
32kg x 10 reps Left
16kg x 10 reps Right
24kg x 10 reps Left
32kg x 10 reps Right
16kg x 10 reps Left
Repeat this circuit/ladder again
ASLR to finish

Feeling good

A brief observation and maybe a more extended article or blog post later - 
Gray Cook and I created the Secrets of.... series to provide screening and assessment for specific areas (shoulder, hip and knee, etc...) and this screening and assessment leads to corrective drills for the areas found in the screening/assessment.  But most everyone wants to skip that part and move on to the "exercises".
Exercises do not matter if the foundation for those exercises is wrong.

If your car has a bent frame and the front wheels are out of alignment you wouldn't take it to the racetrack - you would take it off the road and go to the mechanic.
Why treat yourself any different?

Your movement base is your foundation for your exercise - Exercise is NOT the foundation of your movement base.


Carl Sipes said...

Great post Brett! I'd love to see an extended version of this so I could have some of the folks I work with read it. Always means more when the "Big Dogs" say things. ;-)

Tommyp said...

I really wish more people would come to understand that statement, great respect for you and Gray being leaders in this area of the health and fitness profession.... Cant wait for more of your material, DVD, BOOKS ETC...

Taikei Matsushita said...

True Brett.
However, I really got grasp of the importance when I attended CK-FMS.

Thank you for answering my questions via e-mail regarding FMS scores.

Anonymous said...

Brett, In a recent interview Gray said he now only likes the use of orthotics in extreme cases but he did not elaborate on any corrective exercises. Are you aware of any?



Brett Jones said...

Thanks Carl - I'll be working on something

Tommy - thanks - I'm working on the other materials

Taikei - glad to help

Tom - do a search on this blog - Secret foot exercise or words to that effect and let me know what you think

Anonymous said...


Got it. I'll add that to the "From The Ground Up" things I've been doing.


davor said...

Hi Brett,
I'm one of those types who's not too methodical with the screening and correcting. Good thing I rarely exercise :)
However, I did kind of jump into the TGU and was able to use a 13kg kettlestack, running through the drills suggested and trying my best to ensure perfect form and attention to all the details (however successfully, I can't be 100% certain, as I haven't a training partner to provide feedback).
The point you made in the blog was about the Secrets DVDs. I'm just wondering however, is it that the TGU is both an assessment, correction and exercise, when practiced according to the Kalos Stenos DVD?
That was my first month ever attempting it, and I'm very excited about learning this new exercise. Am planning to start back with NGUs next week and get back into it.

Brett Jones said...

KBs from the Ground Up will give you a lot to work on and can "clean up" your movement so that you have a better more symmetrical base to work from - keep me posted on how you progress with the Get-up!

Mike T Nelson said...

A quality movement base is KEY. Keep spreading the good word.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

Anonymous said...

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