Monday, July 06, 2009

Wimbledon wrap up and the program continues...

Training today:
Prep - ASLR, Brettzel and few Z drills
Neupert Program Week 3 - Day 1
1/2 hour stretch class

The Neupert program is challenging to say the least!  Still feeling great and getting great results.

Wimbledon - Federer is the Champ!!
6 Wimbledon titles and 15 Grand Slams

If you were watching the match and the slow motion replays - did you notice how Federer was in position for his shots "early" (most of the time anyway).  Superior Visual skills and a relaxed nature on the court provide Federer with that "next level" game.  
Roddick played so well - truly amazing.
A testament to the conditioning of both players was the consistent service speeds and great foot work.  Federer almost appeared not to sweat at all and Roddick nailed 130+ mph serves in the 14th and 15th games.  Awesome!


dr. m.c. said...

What was amazing to me was how much the game was level - very little besides the service game. Federred kept getting balls into the net instead of over. Unbroken serve.

BOTH Roddick and Federer were way open in their shots, and indeed, F's screw ups (more unforced errors than AR) showed him uncharacteristically closed into his body.

surprising to watch. very different from last year's nadal/federer match, eh?

Brett Jones said...

Very different - I was surprised by Federer's unforced errors but Roddick just couldn't take advantage.
Great match but I think the pressure from the history of the moment that made him push a bit or be a bit "off".
It was an amazingly level game - Roddick broke Federer's serve twice and Federer only broke Roddick's once I believe.
Classic match up.

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